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What Is Pest Control?

As nature lovers, we at Armor Pest Control love and respect all insects and animals. They have their natural right to live wherever they want, as long as they don't cross the threshold of your home or business. As soon as insects, rodents, and other wildlife cross into your home, they no longer are just animals, they can become pests. 

Visiting critters like mice, termites and cockroaches can easily become a health hazard, transmitting hantavirus, salmonella and e. coli.

And let's not forget termites. Termites cause an approximate $5 billion in property damage each and every year and can impact the value of your home.

There may seem like a lot to worry about but our experienced professionals at Armor Pest Control are ready to tackle any of your pest control needs! 

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Molly A.



We had a really bad ant problem in our kitchen and ants were flooding in the window! Rich took care of it and even used organic spray since we had a baby in the house!


We are so happy with the work from Rich with Armor Pest Control. He came out and did a termite inspection and was able to come back and do the treatment within just a few days. His price was extremely reasonable and he are very pleased with everything. You should definitely give him a call if you need pest control.

--Amy S., Thumbtack

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