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There are plenty of mice that are lovable characters in movies and popular culture- such as Micky Mouse and Remi from "Ratatouille", the mice from "The Rescuers", and who could forget Jerry from "Tom & Jerry"? Unfortunately, rats and mice aren't as cute and lovable as we would like to think.

The control and prevention of house mice and rats is a three-part process. sanitation, mouse proofing, and the use of mechanical traps or rodenticides. Mice and rats can cause serious damage to your home or business through chewing wires in attic to getting in your wall and providing nesting areas. A female house mouse can produce up to as many as 10 liters about 50 young per year. Each situation is different, but we can provide a strategic plan for your business or home to eradicate a pest problem.

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Molly A.



We had a really bad ant problem in our kitchen and ants were flooding in the window! Rich took care of it and even used organic spray since we had a baby in the house!


We are so happy with the work from Rich with Armor Pest Control. He came out and did a termite inspection and was able to come back and do the treatment within just a few days. His price was extremely reasonable and he are very pleased with everything. You should definitely give him a call if you need pest control.

--Amy S., Thumbtack

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