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These insects are some of the most dominate group of social insects. Ants eat a wide variety of food and they love sugar. You will find ants trailing on the exterior or interior of your home either in a bathroom or the kitchen. There are many different types of ants, but the most common ant in the Midwest is the Odorous house ant- most commonly found in your home or business.

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Molly A.



We had a really bad ant problem in our kitchen and ants were flooding in the window! Rich took care of it and even used organic spray since we had a baby in the house!


We are so happy with the work from Rich with Armor Pest Control. He came out and did a termite inspection and was able to come back and do the treatment within just a few days. His price was extremely reasonable and he are very pleased with everything. You should definitely give him a call if you need pest control.

--Amy S., Thumbtack

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